318 to 360 magnum swap

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Please login or register. Did you miss your activation email? Become a Supporter! Mopartyson Newbie Posts: 9. I have a dodge truck has magnum. I've got a out of a Anybody know what I'm gonna run into with this swap. I know the flexplate is different.

Will the computer run the ? Are the injectors the same? Are the oil pans the same?? This is the first magnum truck I've done any swapping on. Any tips or advice appreciated! RamChargerCentral Advertisement. Remove Advertisements. The flexplate and balancer are both different due to the Magnum 's different balance weight.The Jalopy Journal.

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318 to 360 magnum swap

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318 magnum injection to carb

The H. Ive been searching for an early poly motor for my 46 dodge pickup but am not having much luck.

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I found a few magnum motors complete with 5 speeds on craigslist specifically a '99 out of a ram. I know its not as cool as a poly motor, but it fits my tight budget well and there are plenty readily available. Im curious how difficult this would be to swap from injection to carb. I did a search and found a couple threads, seems its just an intake swap with an intake that will fit a magnumbut I cant seem to find any info on what to do for ignition.

Also can I swap this setup from serpentine belt to v-belt? Do v-belt pullies from an older fit the magnum motor?


Any help is greatly appreciated. The intake has a different bolt angle than the non-magnum, so you either need to buy a new magnum carb intake or have an older intake drilled and spotfaced. I'd suggest an electronic ignition with a stock box and E regulator for the alt.

You could also go with points or aftermarket. The earlier pulleys will fit, remember that pre are a different pattern. You will want to swap waterpumps too, since the pulley won't interchange.

You will want to use the later small starter for clearance. The motor mount brackets are different on later motors, but you have to fab that up for a swap anyway. All the magnum engines also use the style oil pan, so your will have a '' pan. RodStRaceNov 17, Thanks RodStRace! I was looking at the 4 bbl intakes on Summit. They have a few for the magnum motors. Good to know the pullies interchange, and the old style waterpump will work on the magnum.

I was planning on fabbing motor mounts and trans mount.

318 to 360 magnum swap

Very helpful info. There air gap intakes drilled for both the magnum and the la engines. Plug and play. No external box.

Magnums still have the ears for the earlier LA mounts as well as the middle of the block 3 point mounts. Last edited: Nov 17, Privacy Terms. Quick links. Magnum swap in, what am i getting myself into Engine, transmission, rear-end, driveline, fuel system etc. I know that I can get a mopar performance Magnum intake manifold and switch it to a carb setup, but kinda like the fuel injection idea from a MPG standpoint Also keep in mind, that when it comes to engines, this will be my first attempt at something of this nature I'd be curious to know the cost of the ECM vs.

I have a carb for it. You will need about psi of fuel pressure. Wiring a 93 is not that big of an issue, as there should be no worry of an alarm setup to cause problems. U need to find a good wiring schematic so that you know which wires to power up and which wires will not be needed.

I am in the process of using a 94 magnum and Alu in a swb D You need to know whether the engine you are using needs a return line for the fuel pump. Early magnums had a return fuel line and the later up don't.

I could be wrong about that though. There are a couple of power wires that will need to be powered up, but you should go through the harness and eliminate all the stuff you do not need. What trans are you planning on using? The magnums use a crank sensor that needs a cutout in the trans bell housing. Not that daunting of a task if you are comfortable with wiring. It looks like a lot of wires, but with a good schematic, it isn't that hard to trace.

The transmission question is a good one too. Starts every time in the coldest of Kansas winter mornings. I love my EFI setup. Much better on the fuel too. I don't care who you are I'm betting the little ECU can tune fuel better than any of us can tune a carb.

The EFI setup on those is not that complicated. You can grab the ECU and harness as well as the sensors it will need. You do want to make sure you have the O2 sensor too, since that is one of the sensors the ECU uses to tune the fuel. If you don't want to use the factory ECU you can always use a Megasquirt to run and tune it as well.

The factory one is a great starting point though.Because Novak has always maximized our domestic supply and internal manufacturing paradigm, we are seeing little interruption due to the Co-Vi situation. However, permit a day or two extra for fulfillment and be aware that we may contact you with questions or options on items where our suppliers may be having difficulties.

It is fair to say the Mopar V8 engines represent the "underground" of the muscle era, drawing some of the most devoted conoisseurs of pure power out there. While Chevy and Ford got much of the press, Chryslers motors were developing much of the power. Employing innovative designs and good engineering, Mopar engines have a great history.

However, for the discussion of Jeeps, we'll stick with the milder, more sensible swap choices, namely the and 's. Jeepers are usually looking for solid torque, reliability, fit and buildability.

Do what you will with your Mopar V8, but in stock form, they make a good Jeep powerplant. The LA engine's first displacement was c. This new lightweight engine was the product of a very innovative casting method. Ina factory V8 passed the "one-for-one" level, reaching hp. In the was introduced as a two-barrel version, seeing service mainly in trucks.

It would not see a four-barrel carburetor until The and engines are essentially from the same engine block, but have different heads. Fuel injection actually arrived quite early on the FA engines in through as throttle-body injection.

318 to 360 magnum swap

It was available only on the Chrysler Imperial car, while the carbureted versions continued to be offered on the trucks. A refreshed version of the and appeared in for the Dodge trucks and vans, featuring electronic TBI injection. These engines were used through Insignificant changes in the engine design were released, which included not only multi-port sequential fuel injection, but several other advancements in the intakes, heads, rockers, oiling system, rear main oil seal, and balance characteristics; all which further refined these motors.

The has seen continuous development, clear through recent years where it found its way under the hoods of not just the Dodge trucks, but also of the ZJ Grand Cherokee as the 5. Inthe 5. Not bad. It only took a couple of decades of ambitious mechanics installing V8's into Jeeps to finally revive Chrysler's interest in Jeep muscle. The 5. These engines are not related in components or engineering to the LA V8 family, though they may use the same "Magnum" moniker.

Like both GM and Ford had discovered with their similarly famous and long-running small block engines, Chrysler engineers recognized that continuous design improvements to the older LA platform were helpful, but not fully adequate, and that technological advancement was going to outrun them. As such, the LA engines persisted in Dodge trucks and vans up throughwhere they were replaced by the new Hemi series motors, which were redesigned entirely from the ground, up.

For a better mechanical, history of these fine engines, hit the books. Our job here is to discuss how the motors fit and work in Jeep conversion situations. Their excellent design allows for the proper placement into nearly every model of Jeep made after See our engine mounts page for details. Where the discussion gets tricky is the area of transmission compatibility.I have a 93 Dakota Club Cab with the and 4 speed auto tranny. The truck hasmiles on it and the engine is starting to feel a bit tired.

It's time for an engine swap and I thought that since I was going to have to yank the then why not drop in a in its place? More horsepower and more torque! What I need to know is can I use the engine wiring harness from the on the or would I have to change the harness as well? I know that somewhere within the 86 pages of post here that the question has probably already been answered but I'd appreciate it if someone who REALLY knows what they're talking about could please answer my question here.

Thanks in advance for your help and Happy New Year! Yes you can use your wiring harness. Your will run with the injectors, but it will run much better with a higher quality injector with a better flow rate. Your computer will run yourbut the computer will run it better. If you can find a good running locally, great. Hey, thanks for the help! What I was planning on doing was buying a remanned long block from the local auto parts store and then swapping their cam for a higher torque one. Then I was going to use the Chrysler high performance pcm.

I figure the engine will already come with the right injectors, but I may go with a higher psi injector as you recommended. I was also going to swap out the stock throttle body for a larger one and then go with a cold air induction system.

3.9 to 5.2 swap, flywheel answers

I'm planning on pulling a 26FT travel trailer with my truck so any extra ponnies I can get under the hood would sure help. The flip said of that is being able to have a little traffic light fun with some of those Mustangs and Camaroes, etc. The reason I ask is because you seem to be pretty knowledgable about the topic and that just made me curious. I love this stuff and just try to soak up as much info as I can.

When I was first getting into the whole Dodge truck scene a lot of people helped me out. I just try and to the same.The Jalopy Journal. Terms of Service. Privacy Policy. Log in or Sign up. Atomic Industries www.

Register now to get rid of these ads! The H. On a you will have to consider the compression ratio. So you won't just be able to slap them on unless you don't mind running compression.

So if you're doing a rebuild, make sure you pick your pistons appropriately. Either that or you'll have to have the heads shaved down a bit, but to get what you need you'll also have to have some work done on the intake manifold to get it to fit once you've cut the heads.

Maybe I'm not seeing this right but it looks like there is a difference in the exhaust port size between the 2 heads, J head looks bigger. ChryslerRodderAug 30, Hit the gasket surfaces with an orbital sander, coat them with oil, and store them inside until you use them. I've run 's with those heads many times, the CR might be a tad low, but you'd never know it.

A hirise 4bbl and a cam and they think they are 's! Well, not quite, but lots better than a stock-headed R PopeAug 30, May i point out that the sparkplug locations appear to be different if it matters to you? And i would cc both heads chambers and keep the smallest chambered head, ebay the other head and find a match to the one kept. I had a '55, " SB once that had two different heads on it and it just never ran smooth is why I bring this up.

Measure the exhaust ports and combustion chambers. I would get a matching set. I would clean them up and run them, unless your building a race engine in which case I'd question the block. On the street you will likely not notice any difference. I also agree on the stock cam and the 4bbl intake, add a set of headers or real good dual exhaust and that will run hard on the street. If you have to bore thestep up in a little higher compression pistons for street use.

If the bore is straight and round, don't worry too much about the compression ratio. Spend your money on the bottom end for things like better rod bolts, good bearings and the high volume oil pump, and DO NOT put a Fram oil filter on your engine. I had this set up in a 74 van. My old boss built it up and I bought it a few years later. That thing would scream It would put you back in your seat pulling out to pass someone and punching it.

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T HudsonAug 31, You need to lay a straight edge on top of the valve stems, it looks like a few are lower than the rest. RodhotzAug 31, This wont be popular but it is true. This swap is the most common mopar mistake made. And yes I have tried it and helped others with it too. The works much better with the Swrl port heads from the later s.For example, the distributor, timing chain, oil pan, pulleys, front cover, valve covers, engine mounts and accessories are all direct bolt-ons.

The Magnum also uses the standard small block Mopar transmission bolt pattern-no adapters required to bolt up your existing transmission. Headers LA headers will bolt up to Magnum heads. No more coolant mess while changing header gaskets!

Transmission and driveline

Note: There are varying reports as to whether stock car-style manifolds will bolt up to magnum heads. Throughout our testing we have found a mismatch on the exhaust port openings between Magnum heads and the classic HP manifolds. The extra bolts for the Magnum are unused, but the machined rail on the magnum heads makes leaky valve covers are a thing of the past!

Engine Mounts In addition to the mid-block mounts used for trucks, 5. While you can use stock mounts, the units from engine-swaps. Most everything from an LA engine will bolt up to a Magnum. However, there are some notable exceptions:. The Magnum engines use the same starter that the LA small blocks do.

It provides much need header clearance, and requires no modifications for installation. Unlike the LA engines, the valvetrain on a Magnum engine is oiled through the pushrods. Some rare, early Magnum blocks are machined with oiling passages for the LA style heads, but the vast majority does not have them and are unable to oil the stock shaft mount rockers on LA heads.

Head Bolts The Magnum uses different head bolts than the LA engine — all of the long bolts on a Magnum are the same length.

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Additionally, some of the Magnum engines used Torque To Yield bolts, and as such are not reusable. Fortunately, ARP makes stronger-than-stock head bolts for Magnum engines. Oil Pan Magnum engines are factory equipped with a truck-style rear sump pan. The Magnum uses a different gasket than the LA, but the good news is that you can use one of the nearly leak-proof one-piece rubber Magnum gaskets. More info here: Tips and Tricks. The preferred solution is to have heads drilled for the LA bolt pattern, allowing access to the greater range and superior performance of LA intakes.

Hughes Engines drills Magnum heads for LA intake compatibility at a reasonable price.

LA 318 to Magnum 360 swap

They also sell heads that are already modified. Cam Issues Magnum and some later LA style cams do not have a snout for the fuel pump eccentric. This is only a problem if you are using a mechanical fuel pump. If you do want to use a mechanical fuel pump, you will either need to source a cam that has one, or use this Hughes cam snout kit to install it. Be advised: It is best to call and verify the details of this kit before ordering. Some combinations require the big washer to be machined.

You will likely want to replace the stock cam, and there are ways to avoid this issue with your new cam. See the camshaft section on the Performance Modifications page for more details. Magnum Oil Pump Buying a new oil pump is never a bad idea. A stock replacement pump is ideal for most applications. On a stock motor, high-volume pumps require additional horsepower and place additional stress on the intermediate shaft and distributor with no clear benefit.

Intermediate Shaft It is very important to use the correct intermediate shaft the shaft between the cam and the oil pump, the cam gear is on this shaft.


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