Deloitte vs kpmg

But they have similarities, too. The salaries and work of their employees are largely similar, too. Other similarities include their wealth of Fortune clients, intense training and development programs for employees, and excellent exit opportunities. Now, for the differences. We may sneak in one or two other similarities, too, on the way. McKinsey is the biggest among the three Big 3s.

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Founded by former professor of accounting at the University of Chicago James O. McKinsey init is headquartered in New York. It has offices around the world and 27, employees, 9, of them consultants. Bain Jr. It also has its headquarters in Boston and has 10, employees, including 4, consultants. McKinsey, which has a hoarier vintage, has always been the undisputed market leader, but Bain, the youngest of the three, has consistently made its mark with its market differentiation and risk-taking talent.

Bain, meanwhile, comes across as more seasoned by balancing accumulated expertise and bold creativity. But in private equity, Bain offers more. MBB have strong resources and expertise in specific areas, and candidates with different backgrounds usually have a better chance at one of them over the other consulting firms. MBB start their recruitment cycle in the fall, targeting MBAs and undergrads at top schools, for their new batch of recruits for the next fall. It is nearly impossible for a consulting aspirant to try to break into any of these three firms during their off cycle.

McKinsey looks for personal impact, entrepreneurial drive, problem-solving skills, and leadership qualities in its candidates. The firm conducts three types of interviews—experience interview, problem-solving interview, and expertise interview.

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McKinsey differentiates itself from its two big rivals in its problem-solving test PSTconducted either in person or online, which is used to pare down the applicants pool. For candidates for consultant positions, it is a multiple-choice test of 26 questions to test for analytical skills.

It also uses a pressure test to find out whether a candidate can handle stress. Read: How I got into McKinsey. Two rounds of interviews are conducted. Bain also looks to assessing problem-solving skills, leadership skills, results delivery in previous positions, and passion and entrepreneurial drive.Here's the announcement about a special offer - learn more here.

The failure of accountancy’s big four has one solution: nationalisation

Candidates who prepare for consulting interviews sometimes ask us the following question: which consulting firms pay best?

We have analysed the information available on Glassdoor. And this percentage difference stays relatively consistent from entry level to Partner. In both groups, base salaries grow relatively quickly.

This estimate assumes that you spend 1. The average salary for each group and level is available in the graphs below.

deloitte vs kpmg

The name of the different levels changes from firm to firm. In the table below, we standardised the name for each level across the different firms to make a clean comparison see section 5. Detailed salaries for each company are also available at the end of this article in addition to the averages above. We have listed typical ranges for the US and UK in the tables below.

On the contrary, if you have an awful year, you might not get any performance bonus at all. In the US and UK, the consulting firm you work for will also usually match your contributions to your pension pot. This pension pot is called a k in the US. Finally, consulting firms also usually give a signing bonus to their new employees as well as a relocation bonus when you have to move city to join an office.

In addition, the range of salaries varies much more for partners than consultants as their compensation is largely based on how much project revenue they manage to sell. Based on glassdoor. In the tables below we detail how we came to the different conclusions listed above. Each consulting firm uses different names for consultants at different levels.

To be able to compare salaries across firms we built the mapping tables below. After putting together this mapping, we simply downloaded the data available on Glassdoor. The Excel with the exact allocation of salaries reported on Glassdoor. If you decide to apply for these top consulting firms, you will need to prepare for case interviews. Luckily you can use this website to do just this!

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KPMG - Dress for Success

Get Interviews Crack the Interviews. Here's the announcement about a special offer - learn more here close. Partners' total compensation Glassdoor. Understanding job titles across firms In the tables below we detail how we came to the different conclusions listed above.

Preparing for interviews If you decide to apply for these top consulting firms, you will need to prepare for case interviews. Close Cart Shopping Cart. Your cart is currently empty. Enable cookies to use the shopping cart.S teve Denison, a senior partner at the accountancy firm PricewaterhouseCoopers PwCis facing a year ban and six-figure fine from the industry watchdog, the Financial Reporting Council, after he failed to raise any concerns about BHS just one year before its collapse.

The firm itself is also expecting a hefty fine. Inshortly before the taxpayer was forced to bail the bank out of its own reckless decision-making, Deloitte failed to raise any kind of warning about its finances. It concluded that RBS had made a series of bad decisions in the years leading up to the financial crisis, but that they were not the result of a lack of integrity by any individual at the bank and did not warrant enforcement action.

The Audit Commission was by no means perfect, but it was not embroiled in the number of financial scandals that the big four accountancy firms have been. Questions need to be asked about why these companies have repeatedly been found not to be doing their jobs properly; whether the motive to make money has anything to do with that, and whether a publicly owned body that audits banks and big corporations may be necessary.

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Court actions against Deloitte, EY, KPMG and PwC

Order by newest oldest recommendations. Show 25 25 50 All. Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. Loading comments… Trouble loading? Most popular.Returning again with another edition of accounting career therapy, a recruit has two offers — one from Deloitte, one from KPMG. Rather than speak to their friends, family or flip a coin, they emailed us.

A roadmap to disposals of long-lived assets and discontinued operations

Need help making your next career move? Been taking a beating at work and need inspired? Send us your query and pictures to advice goingconcern. Where I reside, the local Deloitte is almost twice as large than the local KPMG, but is also known to work longer hours. Of course, rankings will say that Deloitte is better than KPMG and seemingly pays more according to my research done on this very site. Ahhh, the firm versus firm debate. One of the oldest and stupidest to be had.

Regardless of the back and forth you might read in the comments, judging the firms collectively is a waste of time. Trust us. Clearly in this situation, the KPMG recruiters did a better job managing i. Long hours are a simple fact of life. Also, remember that regardless of where you start your career you will find yourself at the bottom of the food chain.

Welcome to the Big 4, kid. Try this on for size — forget money, prestige and long hours. What about — gasp — choosing the firm that seems like the best fit for you? Did you like the Deloitte people or were they snooty two-shoes? Did the KPMG people seem like a fun bunch or were they all work and no play, thus a bunch of dull mofos?

And many nights. And weekends. With that in mind, make your choice. Have something to add to this story? As always, all tips are anonymous. The work begins immediately […].A summary of the key cases is listed below last updated March 3, After audit partners involved in the Hastie matter successfully claimed privilege against self-incrimination over the production of material related to the case, it fell to "uninvolved partners" to comply with a court order to produce the documents.

The court met with resistance when the "uninvolved partners" applied to be excused from the production order because the material was inaccessible in the hands of one of the audit audit partners who had claimed privilege, Reuben Saayman. In February, the Deloitte partnership appealed to the full Federal Court over the production orderarguing that all partners should be able to claim privilege.

They lost the case in Februaryin a judgment that slammed both Mr Saayman's and Deloitte's conduct. The court said Mr Saayman displayed "outrageous and contumacious" conduct that bordered on contempt, and that "Deloitte's conduct was not much better".

It also described the firm's evidence as "carefully contrived", "staggering" and "absurd". Deloitte has indicated it will not appeal the decision and is currently working out how to comply with the production order. The matter is currently before the Federal Court. EY's auditors are battling a civil case where they are accused of botching the oversight of valuations for fizzled property fund LM First Mortgage Income Fund. The firm and auditor Paula McLuskie is accused of failing to check whether valuations were up to date or had properly accounted for a real-estate rout.

EY auditor Michael Reid and the firm are also targeted over their alleged oversight of compliance plans for the fund. The matter is ongoing in the Queensland Supreme Court. Investment group London City Equities alleges EY failed to conduct successive audits over a six-year period with due care and skill. Investors rarely sue auditors themselves, with class actions against the firm more common. Two shareholder class actions over sandalwood grower Quintistargeting the company and EYcontinue to wind their way through the Federal Court.

Three class actions about the collapse have now been consolidated into two matters. The third class action alleges Quintis improperly inflated the value of its Indian sandalwood trees which represent the group's biological assets and did not comply with relevant accounting standards.

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The company went through a Deed of Company Arrangement last year which means the only assets available to meet any successful shareholders claims are limited to any insurance Quintis may have. The EY case is not affected by this move. The consolidated case is funded by Ironbark and run by Gadens and the third case is funded by Litigation Capital Management and run by Piper Alderman partner Simon Morris and ongoing in the Federal Court.

The firm was added to the class action in March over its audit of Vocation. Deloitte previously made the same arguments regarding privilege to the Federal Court in the Hastie case, and is awaiting a judgment from the Full Federal Court on whether the protection extends to the entire partnership.

The Federal Court's Justice John Middleton originally put off making a decision on the claim until the Full Court handed down its decision in the Hastie case. The class action is part of a complicated number of claims and counter claims that are ongoing over the collapse of the company. PwC partner Stephen Bourke, the lead auditor for Vocation's report, saw his audit registration cancelled in late He has retired as an auditor but remains at the firm as a partner.

The matter is before the Federal Court. Deloitte succeeded in a bid to strike out a number of claims made by two shareholder class actions alleging the big four consulting firm's accounting work on failed retailer Dick Smith was negligent. The two class actions dropped their cross-claims against Deloitte and other parties in November, The four claims are scheduled to be heard together in The defendants in each of the four proceedings also filed cross-claims against Deloitte.

KPMG has settled a class action with Discovery Metals shareholders over allegations the firm's advisory arm provided an independent expert report that contained misleading advice to the board of the failed junior miner. KPMG denied the allegations and agreed to the settlement "without any admission of liability".

KPMG settled in mid two long-running cases in the Federal Court against the firm over its auditing of the collapsed fund manager Equititrust. All of the settlement amount would go to the case funder, International Litigation Partners.

The settlement meant that a cross-claim against Deloitte in the class action was dismissed, although the proportion of the settlement paid by the big four firm is unknown. A cross-claim against Grant Thornton was also dismissed, as was a separate cross-claim filed by the firm against Ashley Services.

Investors in failed debenture issuer Provident Capital brought a class action against Australian Executor Trustees, the fund's trustee, and its auditors PwC and HLB Mann Judd inafter 3, investors lost money in its collapse. Plaintiff law firm Slater and Gordon, who brought the action, said these were "mum and dad investors".Our users highlighted that Deloitte is generally considered to be more prestigious across the board.

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User louan investment banking analyst, shared that Deloitte is generally considered to be the most prestigious. Though, the prestige does come with douchebags. While this sentiment was shared by other users - user Hugo Stiglitzan investment banking associate, shared a converse opinion. This is Deloitte Advisory, which is still part of Deloitte 7 Touche; even within Advisory, it depends on which function.

deloitte vs kpmg

Land at an elite consulting firm with the most comprehensive case interview prep in the world. Consulting Case Interview Prep. I know there are some douchebags at Deloitte but the prestige factor is defintelty there. Is it worth it? It depends on your end goal and what you are trying to accomplish. With all things being equal especially team cultureI would just head to Deloitte.

Culture and the other factors vary significantly from team to team let alone division.

deloitte vs kpmg

I highly encourage you to research the division and team you are targeting a bit more. Don't go for brand name. Look at what jobs and projects the teams are winning. If you're targeting deals consulting for example, look up WSJ articles in the last 12 months where a firm advised on a deal. You don't want to go to a team that's not winning work. Plain and simple. What are the jobs that we are comparing? In general, Deloitte is better but that may depend on the job.

Maybe next time you should be even more specific. You know, like "I'll be working in a group that is provided firm issued laptops and will spend the majority of work hours on excel and powerpoint". End sarcasm - you do realize how large the "advisory" group is and how many different functions are included in that description, right? Which group? And if Consulting, are we talking Strategy Ops or Tech? All these have pretty big impacts. I agree on this, always have heard of KPMG corporate finance practice as the top tier of the big 4, or at least eye to eye with Deloitte.But they are four individual companies, each with their own culture and style.

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